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" Five Golden Star" International Art Prize – Monaco (23.März 2024)

" Botticelli" International Art Prize – Florenz (21.Januar 2024)

" ART DIAMOND" Museum Artist – Mantua (Juni 2024)

"Leaders Protagonists of Art "at Washington (24.November2023)

" Career ART Award" International Art Prize – Sanremo (16.September 2023)

" Michelangelo" International Art Prize - Rom (22.Juli 2023)

" Star of Art and Market" International Art Prize - Rom (22.Juli 2023)

"Zeus" International Art Award- Lecce (15.Juli 2023)

"World Best Artists Prize"- Palermo (21.Juni 2023)

"Pegasus" International Art Prize- Venedig (18.Mai 2023)

"Leonardo da Vinci" Art Prize - Mailand (5.April 2023)

"Donatello" International Art Prize- Florenz (21.Januar 2023)

"THE BEST Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS  PRIZE"- London (7.12.2022)


"Menelao" International Art Award- Lecce (2.Dezember 2022)

"ATIM`S TOP 60 Masters" Award -New York     (17.Juni 2022)

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“Only KIND nature” Exhibition in the Botanical Garden in Bayreuth 2020

“The only ART New Zealand” Exhibition in the Coburg Natural History Museum 2020

Steffi Rodigas

Born in Thuringia in 1958, after graduating from high school, she studied elementary school teacher with the elective subject art education and worked in this profession until 1987. Social and private changes meant that the mother of three children sought and mastered a wide variety of professional challenges.

Among other things, she worked in the design of Thuringian Christmas tree decorations, as the headmistress of a private educational institution and most recently as a social worker for 16 years. She never lost sight of art.

In order to fully devote herself to her real passion, voluntarily leaving her secure working life in January 2017 was a necessary consequence for her.

Since that time, the Thuringian, who lives in Franconia, has followed her true calling of art and has been a freelance artist since 2018.

Her deep connection to nature, the animals and the love of detail are reflected in her artistic work. She likes to use found objects from nature or to work out 3D elements herself.

When painting the beauties of flora and fauna, she is very close to them and expresses her feelings with the colors.

But she also articulates her feelings and opinions on world events with works on the subject of ocean pollution, media abundance, the Amazonas, cruise ships, dangers to animals or climate change.

In addition to figurative works, the artist turned to abstract, color-intensive painting in mid-2018 and was looking for ways to bring color to effect as the actual main element of the pictures. The artist herself describes it as ART in ART.


Courses with the artists:


Roland Friedrich, Annette Schmucker and Christian Peinter Feuersteiner Art Week, "Old Masters Academy" online course, summer art courses (1983/84/85) with Otto Paetz and Otto Knöpfer


Exhibitions / Artistic Activities:

2022  Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid

2022  "Body Language"Venedig  ITSLIQUID Group - Internationale Gemeinschaftsausstellung

2022  "I the world revolves around me" M.A.D.S Art Gallery- Mailand/ Fuerteventura I.GA

2022  "In times of change" Rosso Cinabro Gallery in Rom

2022   "International Contemporary Art Fair" Paris- Internationale Gemeinschaftsausstellung

2021/22  "Venice International Art Fair" 14.Edition Internationale Gemeinschaftsausstellung

2020 "Surfer and the Sea" Solo exhibition in the swimminghall of Neuhaus am Rwg.

2020 "Animal" Solo exhibition in Cafè Schoberth in Kulmbach

2020 Kunstverein Nekst eV - BBK Gallery Würzburg

2020 Herbstsalon 2020- KV Erlangen- exhibition participation

2020 Kunstverein Kulmbach- Member exhibition participation

2020 "UNIQUE NEW ZEALAND" Solo exhibition in the Natural History Museum in Coburg

2020 "UNIQUE NATURE" Solo exhibition in the Bayreuth Ecological Botanical Garden

2019 Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe- Exhibition Center.

2019 Kunstverein Bayreuth Christmas exhibition

2019 Kunstverein Kulmbach- Juried winter exhibition

2019 Souvenier Bad Berneck- exhibition center. KÜKO

2019 10th Artist Symposium Plassenburg Kulmbach- Exhibition Center

2019 Kunstszene Bayreuth- juried member exhibition

2019 90th annual exhibition of Franconian artists

2019 1000 x Meiningen member exhibition

2019 Exhibition of the Kotyba Art gallery in Kulmbach

2019 Umschlagplatz Coburg Art sales fair

2019 Kunstverein Kulmbach - Member exhibition

2019 22nd Upper Franconian Painting Days in Ebermannstadt

2019 Feuersteiner Art Week

2019 "Controversy" with H.-JBär in the Kotyba Art Gallery in Kulmbach - Solo exhibition

2018 200th years of the Badischer Kunstverein in Karlsruhe - exhibition b.

2018 Kunstverein Kulmbach " Unverfroren" - participation in an exhibition

2018 Kunstverein Kulmbach - member exhibition

2018 9th artist symposium Plassenburg Kulmbach- exhibition

2018 89th annual exhibition of Franconian artists.

2018 Umschlagplatz Coburg Art sales fair

2017 Art Association Kulmbach "Ice Glow" - participation in an exhibition

2017 Kunstverein Erlangen - participation in an exhibition

2014 Exhibition of New Zealand pictures in Neuhaus / Rwg.



Member of art associations:


Association of Franconian Artists, Kulmbach, Meiningen, Bayreuth, Erlangen, Upper Franconian Malertage, Karlsruhe and Nuremberg


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